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  1. APLS Rigid taittopaarit
    APLS Rigid - Expandable Litter

    APLS Rigid is a lightweight portable litter that provides the structural benefits of a traditional military litter, but improves the evacuation and transportation of injured personnel, including in remote, rugged locations. Weighing half of a traditional NATO litter, APLS Rigid combines a rigid, expandable infrastructure and a highly absorbent cellulose core to form a truly unique, state-of-the-art litter system. The absorbent core contains and controls blood and bodily fluids, thus increasing patient comfort while reducing the risk of cross contamination. A treated nylon backing protects against wind and moisture, while a Mylar lining holds in heat and protects against hypothermia.

    SKU: APLSV-2276-2RFG
  2. APLS Floor Guard - Kertakäyttöinen imumatto lattialle, Arkki tai Rulla
    APLS Floor Guard — Absorbent Pad, Sheet or Roll, 20pcs
    APLS Floor Guard is a disposable absorbent pad that absorbs blood, bodily fluids and solutions in medical facilities and transport vehicles.
    SKU: ORP-3340C
  3. APLS Gurney Guard - Imulakana paareille
    APLS Gurney Guard, 20pcs

    APLS Gurney Guard is a disposable absorbent pad used on top of litters and stretchers to contain blood and other bodily fluids. Improves patient comfort, protects the medical team and equipment, and improves the efficiency of the clean-up process. Guard's fluid absorption properties enhance the safety, cleanliness and infection control related to patient transport and care. The highly absorbent pad retains all solutions including saline, bedatine, and sterilants.

    SKU: GG-2272CL
  4. APLS Surgery Soaker - Imulakana
    APLS Surgery Soaker Absorbent Pad, 10pcs

    APLS Surgery Soaker — Contains Fluids Under Operating Tables

    SKU: CPV-2854-1
  5. APLS Pelastuslakana
    APLS Transport Pad, 15pcs

    APLS Transport is an innovative, portable, pole-free stretcher designed to safely and quickly move injured personnel out of harm's way. APLS Transport is ideal for emergency transport situations, especially when traditional EMS solutions are not readily available.

    SKU: APLSV-3378-2
  6. APLS Thermal Guard Mylar - Hypotermiapussi
    APLS Thermal Guard Mylar - Hypothermia protection bag
    Excl. Tax: €193.35 Incl. Tax: €239.75

    APLS Thermal Guard Mylar — Enhanced Thermal Protection Improves Patient Care

    SKU: APLSV-2276H/6-2
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