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ACS Asherman Chest Seal

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ACS Asherman Chest Seal

  • Description
  • An innovative sterile dressing for the emergency management of an open pneumothorax and/or prevention of a tension pneumothorax.  The Asherman Chest Seal allows paramedics and first response personnel to eliminate unwanted air in the pleural cavity and prevent it from re-entering, dramatically improving a patient’s chance of survival.

    The Asherman Chest Seal is also useful in needle thoracentesis where the catheter is left in the chest with the valve placed over it and the hub of the catheter in the mouth of the valve. This facilitates a one-way valve for the catheter.

    Diameter: 14 cm (5,5")


    -Circular design - aids conformability and covers the wound
    -Clear pad design - for optimal visualization of wound
    -Pressure sensitive adhesive - ensures quick and efficient application
    -No invasive procedure - less risk to patient
    -One way valve - eliminates the intake of outside air
    -Incorporates a sterile dressing - cleans and dries the wound area

    REF: 849100

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