Actim CRP rapid test - 20 tests

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CRP measurement combined with careful clinical assessment is a valuable tool for estimating whether a bacterial or viral infection is present. Actim CRP rapid test helps you reach the right conclusions on the spot.

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Actim CRP rapid test helps you determine quickly whether the infection is viral or bacterial - so you can start the proper medical treatment at point of care.

CRP - C-reactive protein

  • Acute-phase protein produced rapidly in response to inflammation, infection and tissue damage
  • Can be used to differentiate bacterial infections from viral infections - CRP concentration rises higher in bacterial infections
  • Levels elevate quickly (within hours) if an infection is present and reach a peak in 48 hours

Rapid test for rapid treatment

  • Actim CRP rapid bedside test gives all the relevant information that is needed from a CRP test:
    is there a need for antibiotics?
  • Treating unnecessarily viral infections with antibiotics can be avoided - antibiotics are and should be prescribed only to the patients with bacterial infections
  • Proper medical treatment can be started already at point of care

Actim CRP test

  • Semiquantitative bedside test for CRP
  • Rapid dipstick test based on monoclonal antibodies highly specific to CRP
  • Wide measurement range covers all clinically relevant CRP levels
  • Three different detection limits: 10 mg/l, 40 mg/l and >80 mg/l

Actim CRP test - Quick and convenient

  • Easy test procedure - can be used by all medical staff
  • Results ready at 5 minutes without any instrumentation
  • Individually packed test pouches - no need to take the whole kit to testing site
  • Tests can be stored at room temparature - easy to take along to outpatient visits

Actim CRP test - Effective outpatient care

  • Urgent decisions and proper medical treatment can be made on the spot
  • Specially beneficial when laboratory services are not available or are closed:
    schools, nursing homes, workplaces, prisons, military camps etc
  • Immediate CRP results are also needed in emergercy rooms and intensive care units

Actim CRP test - Only a small drop of blood is needed

  • Requires only a 10 µl whole blood sample - can be collected from the fingertip
  • Especially convenient with children who are ofter afraid of blood tests

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