Actim Influenza A&B rapid test - 20 tests

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Actim Influenza A&B

  • Description
  • Actim Influenza A&B rapid test is a rapid bedside test that differentiates between influenza type A and B virus antigen from respiratory samples in just 10 minutes.

    Actim Influenza A&B test

    • Rapid dipstick test for detection and differentiation between influenza type A and B antigens
    • Detects the nucleoprotein part of the virus - nucleoproteins do not change yearly
    • Testing from various respiratory samples: nasal aspirates, nasal washes or swabs - suitable for viscous samples as well

    Actim Influenza A&B test - Identifies also swine and avian flu

    • Specifically detects Influenza A and B viruses only - C type is less harmful
    • Detects a variety of Influenza A subtypes - such as H5N3, H7N3, H9N2, H5N1 ("avian flu") and H1N1v ("swine flu")
    • No cross-reaction with a variety of other respiratory viruses or bacteria, e.g. Adenovirus, RSV or Rhinovirus

    Actim Influenza A&B test - Diagnose influenza without delay

    • Simple and quick test procedure
    • Hands-on time approx. 30 seconds, results ready within 10 minutes
    • Test kit contains all the necessary materials for sample collection and testing
    • Don't need any instrumentation - can be performed on the spot

    Sample collection - Various specimen types

    • Specimen is a respiratory sample
    • Collect a sample: nasal swab, nasopharyngeal swab, nasal wash or nasal aspirate

    Test procedure - Simpler and quicker than ever

    1 A) Extraction for nasal/nasopharyngeal swab

    • Dispense 12 drops of Swab Extraction Buffer into the test tube
    • Place the swab into the test tube and swirl around for ~10 seconds

    1 B) Extraction for nasal wash/aspirate

    • Dispense 3 drops of Extraction Buffer into the test tube
    • Mix well with dispensed sample

    2) Dipping

    • Place the yellow dip area of the dipstick into test tube and leave it there untill reading

    3) Test results - in 10 minutes

    • Positive result can be read as soon as it becomes visible
      = one blue line in the lower part of the result area: influenza A positive
      = one blue line in the middle part of the result area: influenza B positive
      = two blue lines in the result area: influenza A and B positive
    • Negative result should be confirmed at 10 minutes
      = only a black control line is visble     
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