Actim Pancreatitis test

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Actim Pancreatitis - Haimatulehdus pikatesti

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  • Actim Pancreatitis rapid test is an up-to-date method for ensuring the right diagnosis for your patient - quickly and reliably. Actim Pancreatitis uses a unique biomarker trypsinogen-2 - the most accurate biomarker for both detecting and ruling out acute pancreatitis.

    Acute pancreatitis (AP)

    • Serious inflammation of the pancreas with rapid onset
    • Symptoms often unspecific: severe upper abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, fever, chills
    • 20-30 % of cases may lead to serious complications such as pancreatic necrosis, organ damage or sepsis
    • AP is a life threatening condition, mortality rate as high as 40 %

    Speed is vital when acute pancreatitis strikes

    • Specific and sensitive Actim Pancreatitis urine dipstick test can rule out acute pancreatitis with 99 % certainty in just 5 minutes - no need for unnecessary expensive CT scans
    • Treatment of acute pancreatitis is more likely to succeed if initiated early and patients with other conditions can be correctly diagnosed sooner
    • Traditional amylase and lipase tests are usually performed with analyzers in a laboratory, and thus take considerably longer

    Actim Pancreatitis test

    • Bedside rapid test for screening acute pancreatitis
    • Immunological dipstick test to detect trypsinogen-2 in urine samples
    • Based on highly unique monoclonal antibodies - concentration rises fast and stays elevated for days

    Actim Pancreatitis test - Extremely high negative predictive value (NPV)

    • Exceptionally high specificity and sensitivity - NPV 99 %!
    • Negative test result does not need a confirmation and is a valid reason to rule out AP
    • Less unnecessary and expensive CT scans - cost savings

    Actim Pancreatitis test - When speed is vital

    • Does not need a laboratory
    • Can be performed at point of care
    • Visually interpreted, no instrumentation required
    • Immediate sample analysis - results ready within 5 minutes

    Test procedure - Reliable results in minutes

    • Collect urine sample, min. 500 µl


    • Dip the yellow area of the dipstick into the urine 
    • Hold it there untill the liquid front reaches the result area

    Test results - in 5 minutes

    • Negative result should be confirmed at 5 minutes = one blue line = symptoms are not due to acute pancreatitis
    • Positive result can be read as soon as it becomes visible = two blue lines = symptoms may be due to acute pancreatitis and more investigation is needed

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