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Actimove PowerMotion Calf and Thigh Support


51.07 Incl. Tax 63.33

Product code: BSN7286601


51.07 Incl. Tax 63.33

Actimove PowerMotion pohje- ja reisituki

  • Actimove PowerMotion pohje- ja reisituki
  • Actimove PowerMotion pohje- ja reisituki
  • Actimove PowerMotion koon mittaus
  • Description

    The right supports for a successful match

    Muscle injuries are one of the most common injuries. With the new, patented Actimove PowerMotion products you can provide supports for injured calf and thigh muscles. Special feature: A unique Y-shaped strap design provides additional adjustable compression. This helps people with an active lifestyle to comfortably continue their sports at all times.


    • Muscle strains and impact bruising
    • Minor muscle fiber tears
    • Myogelosis of the gastrocnemius, hamstring or quadriceps muscle


    • Acute major or complete muscle rupture
    • Compartment syndrome

    Unique Y-shaped straps

    • Provide additional adjustable compression to stimulate blood circulation around the injured muscle area
    • Don’t cover the injured area
    • Promote regeneration
    • Help to reduce pain
    • For more comfortable wear

    Specially designed pressure relief zone

    • Covers the highly sensitive injured area to provide reduced compression 
    • For more comfortable wear

    Special fabric with advanced knitting structure

    • Highly breathable compared to neoprene
    • For more comfortable wear

    Two adjustable circular elastic straps

    • Keep the support in place
    • Easy to apply
    • For more comfortable wear

    Patented sleeve with Gradient compression

    • Supports and stabilizes the thigh or calf muscles
    • Helps to control the elongation of the injured muscle
    • Enhances pain reduction and healing time
    • Helps to reduce swelling and edema
    • Stimulates blood circulation and promotes regeneration
    • Targeted application to perfectly adjust the compression where it is needed
    • Helps to prevent muscle injuries
    • Flexible use for different injured muscle areas
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