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Actimove Sling - Arm Sling, single

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Actimove Sling - Arm Sling, single

  • Actimove Sling käsituki
  • Actimove Sling käsituki
  • Actimove Sling käsituki Käyttöohjeet
  • Description
  • Actimove Sling is a modern and comfortable immobilisation system for the upper extremity. The strap and Y-tab Velcro fasteners offer clinicians and patients a versatile and effective arm support.

    - size 5,5 cm x 1,9 m
    - includes two Y-tab Velcro fasteners


    - Trauma at wrist, elbow or shoulder 
    - Arm support in combination with a cast

    Product Benefits and Design Features

    -Brushed polyester foam strap
      - Non-stretch foam maintains position of the limb during use with no slipping
      - Wide, soft foam distributes forces evenly around the neck giving greater patient comfort
      - Attractive blue colour does not dirty as easily as some competitors and has a high patient compliance
    - Y-tab Velcro fasteners
      - Allows for ease of adjustment for clinician and patient
      - Means one size fits all


    REF: 72859-24

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