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Actimove TaloCast-Air Ankle Brace

42.50 Incl. Tax 52.70
Product code: BSN7308815
42.50 Incl. Tax 52.70

Actimove TaloCast-Air nilkkatuki

  • Description
  • Actimove TaloCast-Air stabilises the ankle joint comfortably and securely, supporting rehabilitation and maximum mobility for a quick recovery.
    • Cushioning comfort  -  Pre-filled air cells can be individually adjusted for a customised fit  -  Air cells create a massage effect, helping to reduce swelling  -  Cushioning double-layer foam inlay comfortably protects the ankle joint.
    • Secure stabilisation  -  Semi-rigid, lightweight shells with the right balance of stabilisation and flexibility to support a quick recovery   -  High-quality durable heel pad provides a strong, tight fit  -  360º surround straps give secure support.
    • Slim and sleek design  -  Anatomically shaped, low profile shells fit comfortably into everyday footwear enabling patients to quickly return to daily activities  -  Sleek, modern black & blue design for enhanced patient compliance.
    • Ease of use  -  Easily adjusted heel pad with hook and loop closure system on the outside of shell  -  Heel pad's printed foot symbol ensures correct application  -  Shells can be cleaned easily with a damp cloth.
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