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Aesculap SUSI Surgical Dressing set 1, 20 pcs

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Product code: S5061010

SUSI Toimenpidesetti 1, kertakäyttöinen

  • Description
  • Aesculap SUSI disposable instruments and kits are ready to use, sterile and safe. SUSI instruments are well suited for departments, outpatient clinics, infectious units, ambulances, open health care and home care. The products are individually wrapped in sterile tear packages.

    Aesculap SUSI Surgical Dressing set 1, 20 pcs.


    Purchase includes:

    • Kidney tray, white
    • Transparent cup, 120ml
    • Gauze compress, 7,5 x 7,5 cm, 8-fold, 5kpl
    • Gauze swabs, plumsize
    • SUSI-forceps Adson, sharp, 12cm
    • SUSI-needle holder, Mayo-Hegar, 15cm
    • SUSI-scissors, sharp/blunt, 14.5cm

    Features and benefits:

      • Disposable; reduce the risk of spreading infections
      • Eco-friendly; can be disposed of in a hospital waste treatment system
      • Made with the same precision as Aesculap's versatile instruments
      • Always 100% functionality and reliability
      • Made of a lightweight, high-quality polymer with a special composition to give the instrument good mechanical properties
      • No packaging, transport or re-sterilization costs

      Quantity: 20 pcs / box


      PRODUCT CODE: S5061010

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