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  1. McGRATH MAC Videolaryngoscope
    McGRATH MAC Videolaryngoscope
    The low cost McGRATH® MAC makes even more difficult intubations easy to perform and it reduces the use of multiple devices.
    SKU: s300000000
  2. Ambu king vision videolaryngoskooppi
    Ambu king vision video laryngoscope

    Visionary performance in the palm of your hand. We know that reliable performance is a necessity, not an option. When it comes to visualising the airway for routine and difficult intubations, you need a tool that you can depend on each and every time. The King Vision video laryngoscope is designed with your expectations in mind.

    SKU: KVIS01
  3. Truphatek TruLite Disposable Laryngoscope Blade and Handle
    Truphatek TruLite Disposable Laryngoscope Blade and Handle

    The Truphatek TruLITE one-piece blade and handle combination is a versatile, high quality, airway management tool.

    This disposable instrument offers the features necessary to assist in quality intubation.

    SKU: T4642
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