ACS, BCS, Fox seal and Halo pneumothorax chest seals and TPAK pneumothorax needles.
In addition, a Practi-Seal chest seal trainer is also available.

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  1. TPAK Chest Decompression Needle
    TPAK Chest Decompression Needle
    Needle decompression kit (14 gauge x 8,26 cm) to treat tension pneumothorax.
    SKU: TM-303
  2. HYFIN Vent Chest Seal -Ilmarintasidos
    HYFIN Vent Chest Seal - for pneumotorax

    HYFIN Vent Chest Seal sets the standard for the treatment of penetrating injuries to the chest. This innovative design provides 3-vented channels that prevent airflow into the chest cavity during inspiration while allowing air to escape through the vent channels during exhalation.

    Advanced adhesive technology provides superior adhesion in the most adverse conditions, including sweaty or hairy casualties.

    SKU: H10-0029
  3. HYFIN Chest Seal -Ilmarintasidos harjoittelupakkaus, 2kpl
    HYFIN Chest Seal - training kit, 2 pcs

    The HYFIN bandage dressing is intended for first-line treatment of puncture injuries. Gel that adheres even to hairy or sweaty skin.

    For training purposes.

    SKU: H10-0032
  4. HYFIN Chest Seal -Ilmarintasidos
    HYFIN Chest Seal - for pneumotorax

    HYFIN Chest Seal is a completely occlusive dressing used for the treatment of penetrating injuries to the chest.

    Now featuring a larger, 6 in. x 6 in. size and enhanced adhesive gel formulation, the HyFin® creates a superior seal, even in the most adverse conditions.

    SKU: H10-0015
  5. Foxseal -ilmarintasidos
    Foxseal Chest Seal, 2 pcs
    Foxseal has been tested in extreme conditions, comes with two dressings in a compact package designed for IFAK carry and used for treating potentially lethal open chest wounds.
    SKU: FG08814441
  6. Halo Chest Seal, 2 pcs
    Halo Chest Seal, 2 pcs

    The PMI Halo Chest Seal is designed to work on patients with heavy perspiration or very wet environments. The highly aggressive tack adhesive of the hydrogel will enable the dressing to conform and hold to the patient's body.
    2 pcs / package.

    SKU: G1163
  7. BCS Bolin Chest Seal
    BCS Bolin Chest Seal

    Sucking chest wounds require an emergency first aid solution that is fast, direct and effective. The Bolin Chest Seal (BCS) is specifically engineered to meet these critical needs.

    SKU: BCS01
  8. ACS Asherman Chest Seal
    ACS Asherman Chest Seal

    An innovative sterile dressing for the emergency management of an open pneumothorax and/or prevention of a tension pneumothorax. The Asherman Chest Seal allows paramedics and first response personnel to eliminate unwanted air in the pleural cavity and prevent it from re-entering, dramatically improving a patient’s chance of survival. The chest seal comes in a sterile package with a gauze pad for cleaning and drying the wound area.

    SKU: ACS849100
  9. HYFIN Chest Seal -Ilmarintasidos
    Simu-Seal ilmarintasidos harjoittelupakkaus, 2 sidosta / paketti

    Simu-Seal ilmarintasidos harjoittelupakkaus. Paketissa 2 sidosta.

    SKU: MK_119_2_0_0000_02
  10. Portex Emergency Chest Drain Kit
    Portex Emergency Chest Drain Kit
    Designed specifically for accident and emergency situations, the kits include all the essentials to perform chest drainage and permit the safe mobilisation of patients when underwater seals cannot be established or are not practical.
    SKU: PO200/900/280
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