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Alcoholmeter Alco-Sensor FST

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Product code: INT-FST-0056

Alcoholmeter Alco-Sensor FST

  • Alcoholmeter Alco-Sensor FST
  • Alcoholmeter Alco-Sensor FST
  • Alcoholmeter
  • Description
  • Approved by the authorities in many countries and used by the Finnish police, the FST breathalyzer is a pocket-sized and reliable tool for measuring the alcohol content of breathing air.

    Active and passive measurement.

    Blowing into a cup allows a quick result to determine if there is alcohol in the breath. If the device detects alcohol from the breathing air, a more accurate and confident perm result is obtained by blowing conventional whistle.

    The device can also detect if any beverage contains alcohol.

    Measurement »Passive measurement: neg./pos. Active Measurement: 0.00-5.00 per mille

    • Temperature of operating conditions: -20 - +60°C
    • Device operating temperature: 0 - +40°C
    • Measurements: hight121 x depth 64 x width 32 mm
    • Weight: 212g
    • Sensor life: 10 v
    • Calibration: 12 kk
    • Approvals: CE, UK home Office, US DoT, DUTCH NMi, French LNE

    Comes wtih 1 cup and 5 straw

    Product code: INT-FST-0056

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