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Ambu Redi-ACE Collar Adults

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Product code: A472001000

Ambu Redi-ACE tukikauluri, aikuiset

  • cannula hooks
  • Collars
  • safety lock buttons
  • Ambu Redi-ACE tukikauluri, aikuiset
  • Description
  • Made from radio translucent materials, the collar is packaged completely flat and has a unique automatic flip up chin.

    The Ambu Redi-ACE incorporates latches that allow the rescuer to size the collar as accurate as possible to the victim’s neck size. Two safety lock buttons hold the collar in place when adjusted.

    • Easy to use Ambu Redi-ACE has an automatic flip up chin and two locking buttons. It can be placed on the patient using only 3 steps; sizing – locking – placement.

    • With 8 sizes of Ambu Redi-ACE the majority of patients can be treated.

    • Practical characteristics Ambu Redi-ACE can be stored completely flat. Additionally the Ambu Redi-ACE has cannula hooks to secure the oxygen tube.

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