Ambu SPUR II - Disposable Resuscitator (adult)

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The Ambu SPUR II (Single Patient Use Resuscitator) is designed for manual ventilation of neonates through to adults.

Mask size 5

PVC free – made of SEBS
SafeGrip™ surface
Ergonomic, lightweight bag design

SPUR® II - Disposable Resuscitator


Ambu SPUR II is the only resuscitator that is made from a SEBS material instead of PVC. This classifies Ambu SPUR II as environmentally safe and fully disposable, thus eliminating all risks of cross contamination.

The Ambu SPUR II resuscitator features our SafeGrip™ surface to ensure a secure grip onto the bag and that the Ambu SPUR II can be firmly squeezed in all situations.

The unique shape is small and easy to hold. The ergonomic, lightweight design of Ambu SPUR II is made for optimal user handling and support even during extended ventilations.

The convenient handle makes it easier hold the unit and to ventilate a patient with just one hand if necessary. And our characteristic design provides optimum stroke volume with perfect recoil. 

-Mask Size 5
-Disposable resuscitator for adults (Can be used multiple times for a single patient)
-Oxygen collection bag
-Patient weight must be 30 kg or more (aprrox. 10 years or older)

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