Ambu Twin Pump 600 ml

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Ambu Twin Pump 600 ml

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  • The containers hold approx. 600 ml, but in an emergency situation the capacity is without limit. Pumping can continue even when the contents start to overflow. The Ambu Twin pump is fast and effective as it allows a free airflow is 70 liters/min or 250 ml of thick fluid sucked up in about two seconds!

    The special double chamber pump design makes it possible that no vacuum build-up time is wasted and the suction is continuous. The small bore suction tip can easily be removed to enable instant use of the large, 10 mm suction tip for increased speed of suction and to remove larger, solid particles.


    Vacuum: 600 mm Hg
    Size: 206 x 96 x 104 mm
    Max flow: 70 l/min.
    Weight: 1100 g
    Reservoir/container capacity: Holds approx. 600 ml

    REF: 000239000

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