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Ambu WhiteSensor 4535M ECG Electrode, 300 pcs

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Product code: 4535M

Ambu WhiteSensor 4535M ECG Electrode, 300 pcs

  • Description
  • The Ambu WhiteSensor 4535M features a wet gel with good adhesion to ensure a good signal quality during short-term ECG monitoring applications.

    Thanks to the flexible foam backing material, the electrode ensures ease of use and comfort during application. It is conveniently presented with 3 pieces per strip.


    - Application: Short-term
    - Highly conductive wet gel
    - Good adhesion
    - Comfortable foam backing

    Electrode size (length x width in mm): 32 x 44
    Adhesive area (in mm2): 1079

    REF: 4535M

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