Ambu WhiteSensor WS-OO-S -electrodes, 50 pieces / pack

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Product code: WS-OO-S/50

Ambu Blue Sensor WS-OO-S -elektrodi, 50 kpl / pussi

  • Description
  • The Ambu WhiteSensor WS/RT features a highly conductive solid gel with strong adhesion to ensure a good signal quality during short-term ECG monitoring applications. The graphite connector is radiolucent making it suitable for use with X-ray imaging.

    No need for removal & subsequent replacement of electrodes during X-ray procedures. Thanks to the flexible foam backing material, the electrode ensures ease of use and comfort during application.


    • Highly conductive solid gel
    • Strong adhesion
    • Comfortable foam backing
    • Radiolucent
    • MR Conditional

    Product code: WS-OO-S/50

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