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Articare Cold Spray 200 ml

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Product code: BSN47422

Articare Cold Spray 200 ml

  • Description
  • Articare cold spray is an aerosol spray, providing instant cooling and rapid pain relief of soft tissue injuries. Suitable for quick, on-the-spot treatment for the immediate symptoms of sprains and strains.


    - Sprains, strains, bruises and sports traumology

    Product features and design benefits

    - Provides instant cooling and pain relief for soft tissue
    - No pharmacological effect - The pain relieving effect of Articare cold spray is achieved through the cooling caused by the evaporation of the spray from the surface of the skin.
    - Ether free - helps avoid the risk of skin irritating following subsequent compression bandage
    - CFC free - Environmentally friendly


    - For external use only - should not be applied to open wounds, mucus membranes or near the eyes 
    - To prevent frost bite, Articare cold spray should be sprayed in several short bursts from a distance of 15cm

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