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Au­to­Sen­se Voi­ce Test Strips 50 pcs

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Product code: ASV50

Au­to­Sen­se Voi­ce mit­ta­lius­kat 50 kpl

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  • AutoSense Test Blood Glucose measuring strips were designed to be easy and accurate way to measure blood glucose from whole blood. The AutoSense Test strip reacts with blood glucose, generating acurrent. The intensity of the current is proportional to the blood glucoseconcentration. The AutoSense meter detects the generated microcurrent and calculates the glucose concentration.

    • Capillary blood sample absorption; min 0.5 capillary whole blood
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    • Shelf life: 24 month
    • 50 strips in a vial

    Compatible only with AutoSense Voice blood glucose meter

    Product code ASV50

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