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BD Emerald syringe for general purpose use, size 2 ml, 100 pcs

Product code: BD307727_T

BD Emerald ruisku

  • Description
  • BD Emerald syringe for general purpose use, 2 ml 100 pcs

    Single-use 3-piece general purpose syringe.


    • A step toward a greener future.
    • Single-use
    • Design has up to 30% less material than other syringes
    • Clear cylinder with a easily readable scale up to 2 ml
    • Rough surface gives a better grip on the syringe
    • Luer-compatible
    • The BD Emerald Syringe For General Purpose Use complies with international performance standards.
    • CE marked
    • ISO 7886-1 and ISO 549 compliant
    • In addition, BD Emerald Syringes must meet over forty specific criteria before they are qualified for use.

    Product code: 307727

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