Product categories: BD, Infusion, Syringes

BD Oral Syringe 1 ml, 500 pcs / box

Product code: BD305207_T

Bd oraaliruisku

  • Description
  • BD Oral syringes. Available as Clear syringe or Amber Syringe.


    • BD offers a broad range of oral and enteral syringes and accessories for safe, rapid, oral medication administration.
    • Both clear and amber syringes feature easy-to-read scale markings for accuracy.
    • They're designed to reduce the risk of medication dosing or administrative error, while meeting patient needs for all ages.
    • Amber syringes meet USP requirements for photo-sensitive medications
    • MDD 93/42/EEC (Class I)
    • Availability: 500 pcs / box

    Product codes:
    305207 Oral Syringe 1 ml, Amber
    305217 Oral Syringe 1 ml, Clear


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