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Juhlistamme MedKitin Black Weekiä ilmaisilla toimituksilla yli 50€ tilauksiin

Tilaa verkkokaupastamme yli 50 eurolla, niin saat ilmaisen toimituksen, tilasit sitten suoraan kotiin, työpaikalle tai Postin noutopisteeseen!

Tarjoukset voimassa 23.11. lähtien ja aina 29.11. saakka - eli varsinainen Black Week!

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Black Friday
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  1. OLED Finger Sormipulssioksimetri
    OLED Pulse Oximeter - Different colors

    Pulse oximeter is equipped with a bright, two-color OLED display that shows key values ​​such as SpO2, PR, perfusion index, and pleth wave. With a customizable alarm feature, you can manually configurate alarm limits.

    SKU: MK_15176
  2. FFP3 Respirator, ventilated 10 pcs
    FFP3 Respirator, ventilated 3 pcs
    FFP3 Respirator, ventilated 10 pcs
    SKU: MK_GD7031_3
  3. FFP3 Respirator, ventilated 10 pcs
    FFP3 Respirator, ventilated 10 pcs

    FFP3 respirators compies to EN149:2001 & A1:2009. FFP3 respirators offers high level of protection against dangerous particulates. 

    Offers protection against solid aerosols or toxic liquids. 

    SKU: MK_15210
  4. CareSens N NFC blood glucose meter
    CareSens N NFC blood glucose meter

    CareSens N NFC measures your blood glucose checks and immediately transmits them to your smart device.

    SKU: MK_221485
  5. Kingfa Disposable Face Mask with Ear Loops, 50 pcs, package
    Kingfa Disposable Face Mask with Ear Loops, 50 pcs

    Kingfa Disposable Face Masks in stock for immediate delivery!

    SKU: MK_15213
  6. FFP2 KN95 Hengityssuojain, Chenboshi kertakäyttöinen, 5-100kpl
    FFP2 KN95 Hengityssuojain, Chenboshi kertakäyttöinen, 5-100kpl

    Tämä tuote on mukana Black Friday -kampanjassa!

    KN95 hengityssuojain saatavilla nyt 5, 10, 20 ja 100 kappaleen myyntierissä. Valitse itsellesi sopivin pakkauskoko ja tilaa! Hengityssuojaimet ovat heti saatavilla varastostamme ja pakettisi lähtee matkaan vuorokauden kuluessa.

    SKU: MK_KN95_flat_chenboshi
  7. Uvex 2210 respirator exhalation valve FFP2
    Respirator FFP2, without valve, 20 pcs.

    Respirator FFP2, 20 pcs.

    The FFP2 cup-shaped respirator is designed according to the natural shapes of the face to make it as comfortable as possible. The respirator does not squeeze or apply excessive pressure to the face at any point. With the metal nose pad, the protector can be shaped as suitable and tight as possible.

    The cup-shaped FFP2 protector retains its form perfectly, so it stays tightly on the face even for a longer period of use.

    SKU: MK_mixed_FFP2_kuppi_PKT
  8. Littmann Classic III
    Littmann Classic III Stethoscope, Black

    The 3M™ Littmann® Classic III™ Stethoscope is the latest version of the stethoscope that helps millions of medical professionals achieve their best. The Classic III stethoscope is a dependable clinical tool that provides high acoustic sensitivity for performing general physical assessments. With a two-sided chestpiece, dual tunable diaphragms, convertible open bell, improved tubing, and much more, the Classic III stethoscope combines the best of new and traditional.

    SKU: LT5620
  9. MERET TUFF-STUFF PRO Duffel laukku

    The TUFF-STUFF™ PRO Duffel is built for the professional, built tough, in fact we think it’s the strongest stuff-it duffel...ANYWHERE. Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, this duffel is over-constructed for superior strength and easy access to a large internal compartment.

    SKU: M5012M-F
  10. MK_15024_isolationgown_blue
    Isolation Gown, blue, PP + PE
    PP+PE nonwoven disposable gowns. 30GSM with cuffs.
    SKU: MK_15024
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