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Blizzard Blanket Active Range 2

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Product code: BPSAR-10

Blizzard Active Range 2-kerroksinen lämpöpeitto

  • Description
  • The Blizzard Blanket Active Range is a high performing blanket ideal for an emergency kit or carrying in your car, boat or rucksack, a lighter version of the original Blizzard Blanket

    Made from Ultra-Light 2 layer Reflexcell, a light weight, compact and ideal for carrying in your rucksack. It has unrivalled thermal qualities and is an effective tool for the prevention and treatment of hypothermia, is perfect for all emergency kits and should be considered essential for car and boats in case of accidents or breakdowns.


    • Size (vacuum packed): 12 cm x 11 cm x 5 cm.
    • Weight: 280 grms.
    • Size (unpacked): length 2.33 metres x width 1.96 metres. 
    • Colour: Orange. 

    Product code: BPSAR-10

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