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Blizzard Survival Bag

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Product code: BPS-11

Blizzard Survival selviytymispussi

  • Description
  • The Blizzard Survival Bag is a full sized survival bag; it is closed at the bottom and has a draw cord at the top to ensure a good seal, therefore, providing total warmth and shelter in an emergency situation.

    Made from Reflexcell the Blizzard Survival Bag provides unrivalled thermal qualities and is completely wind and waterproof.

    It is perfect for any situation and is a must for outdoor enthusiasts.


    • Size (vacuum packed): 25 cm x 11.5 cm x 3.5 cm.
    • Weight: 385 grams.
    • Size (unpacked): Length 2.3 metres x width 0.78 metres.
    • Colour: Orange

    Product code: BPS-11

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