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Blizzard Survival Jacket

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Product code: BPS-03

Blizzard Survival Jacket

  • Blizzard Survival takki
  • Description
  • The Blizzard Survival Jacket is a vital piece of equipment for many situations in which people need to be kept warm, or treated immediately for chilling and hypothermia. It is unique in its combination of light weight and excellent thermal performance, whilst allowing wearers total freedom of movement.


    - Size (vacuum packed): 15 x 11 x 3 cm. 
    - Volume: 0.5 litres.
    - Weight: 240 grams.
    - Size: (unpacked) 1.15 metres - one size fits all.
    - Colour: Olive drab.


    - Large extended hood protects against wind and rain. 
    - Elasticated lower hem.
    - Reinforced arm holes.
    - One size fits child to fully clothed large adult.


    - Warmth: 8 Togs, equal to a quilted jacket. 
    - Weather protection: fully waterproof and windproof.
    - Storage: jackets may be stored indefinitely, and are not affected by temperature or moisture, either during storage or in use.
    - Portability: the jacket's small size and light weight make them easy to carry, whether as personal safety equipment, or for rapid deployment in emergencies involving large groups of people.
    - Re-usability: jackets can be re-used many times without loss of performance.

    Applications include everything from military deployment, marine and mountain rescue, to civil evacuations and disasters.

    Product code: BPS-03

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