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  1. O-Two Smart Bag kertakäyttöinen responsiivinen elvytyspaljesett
    O-Two Smart Bag Responsive Disposable Resuscitator
    The O-Two Smart Bag provides controlled ventilations while virtually eliminating the risks associated with conventional BVM ventilation and inadvertent hyperventilation. The patented actuating mechanism inside the neck bushing actively responds to the rescuer and the patient.
    SKU: 01BM3201
  2. O-Two Medical Multi Patient Unit
    O-Two Medical Multi Patient Unit
    With six adjustable therapy flow controls and the ability to operate an automatic resuscitator or demand valve resuscitator from the 9/16" DISS self sealing outlet on the end of the unit, the flexibility offered by the compact O-Two Medical Technologies Multi Patient Unit is second to none.


    SKU: 01OR6304
2 items
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