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  1. APLS Life Guard lämpöpussi imualustalla
    APLS Life Guard, thermal bag with suction cup

    Technical information:

    • Dimensions: 81.28cm x 205.74cm
    • Weight: 635g
    • Base thickness: 0.38cm
    • Absorbency H2O: 1000g - 1450g (1.25 liters)
    • Carrying capacity: 145.15 kg to 158.76 kg
    SKU: APLSV-3281H/6-2
  2. APLS Thermal Guard Mylar - Hypotermiapussi
    APLS Thermal Guard Mylar - Hypothermia protection bag

    APLS Thermal Guard Mylar — Enhanced Thermal Protection Improves Patient Care

    SKU: APLSV-2276H/6-2
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