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  1. 5.11 RUSH 72 -backpack - sand color
    5.11 RUSH 72 Backpack, Sand / Sandstorm


    RUSH 72 backpack is designed to be a full-featured 72-hour backpack that can accommodate larger equipment and accessories. The backpack is durable and reliable for long journeys or tactical activities. The nylon structure of the Backpack 1050D (multicam 1000D) is water resistant, highly flexible and keeps your stuff safe and dry. Molle's fastening gives you quick access to your goods.

    SKU: T58602-328_tarjous
  2. Stryker Stair-PRO Porrastuoli
    Stryker Stair-PRO (used)

    Used product.

    Stair-PRO (Model 6252) is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of operator injury.

    SKU: ST6252_2
  3. MegaMover Transfer Sheet up to 454 kg
    MegaMover Transfer Sheet up to 454 kg
    The Graham MegaMover is convenient, compact, and cost-effective method of patient transport.
    SKU: MK_53376
  4. Graham Megamover Transport Chair
    Graham Megamover Transport Chair
    The MegaMover® Transport Chair is made of strong nonwoven material with 8 reinforced nylon straps for ergonomic lifting. The Chair weighs only 10 oz., rolls to the size of a water bottle and can transport up 350 lbs. Ideal for carrying patients in areas of limited space, narrow hallways or down stairs.
    SKU: MK_56307
  5. Sked kantoalusta, vihreä
    SKED Rescue System
    The original and still the best solution for confined space, high angle or technical rescue, and traditional land based applications, the Sked stretcher is a revolutionary design which provides outstanding patient protection and security.
    SKU: SK-200
  6. RL4000 RollUP -Rescue Stretcher
    RL4000 RollUP -Rescue Stretcher
    RollUP -rescue stretcher usable in many situations! Such as water rescue, winter or mountain rescue and vertical/Horizontal lifting! Patient can also be pulled on the ground or carried using the carry handles!
    SKU: RL4000RX-V03
  7. Stryker Stair-PRO Porrastuoli
    Stryker Stair-PRO

    Stair-PRO (Model 6252) is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of operator injury.

    SKU: ST6252
  8. STRYKER Evakuointituoli 6243
    STRYKER Evacuation Chair 6254

    The Stryker Evacuation Chair is essential for the evacuation of disabled or injured persons weighing up to 227 kg, from multilevel facilities in emergency situations. 

    SKU: ST6254
  9. Evacuation bag
    Evacuation bag with contents
    For expats who travel to countries of high risk rating. The so-called "bug out" bag-style contents that can be modified in need.
    SKU: EVA01
  10. MERET sidepack, content holder
    Evacuation Personal Trauma Kit
    Personal trauma kit for evacuation bags.
    SKU: EVA02_PKT
  11. 5.11 Rusch 72 Selkäreppu
    5.11 RUSH 72 Backpack
    The RUSH 72 is engineered to be a full featured 72 hour bag that provides ample space for gear and accessories while remaining rugged and reliable enough for extended excursions or tactical deployments. Highly resilient, water repellent 1000D nylon construction keeps your gear safe and dry in any environment, while a generous MOLLE /Backup Belt System compatible web platform keeps all your gear within easy reach.
    SKU: T58602
  12. MERET M.U.L.E. PRO (Multi Use Large Equipment) Response Bag (TS Ready)
    MERET M.U.L.E. PRO (Multi Use Large Equipment) Response Bag (TS Ready)

    The Meret M.U.L.E. PRO (Multi-Use Large Equipment) Response System is the mobile equipment management system for the professional who wants it ALL.
    It's a field tested roller bag, a harness style backpack, can be carried as a briefcase, can carry up to 4 TS2 Ready modules to expand its capacity by more than 50%, can be completely internally customized.

    Built from the strongest materials and a smart design, and the versatility to modify to your requirements, the Meret M.U.L.E. PRO delivers a customizable and organized solution for your equipment with all the options.

    SKU: M5107
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