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  1. Pelastusnukke / Rescue Doll
    Heat Resistant Rescue Manikin, Adult

    The market's most durable rescue doll with realistic weight that can be used even in high temperatures! ASK FOR AN OFFER!

    SKU: 15-9181A
  2. Pelastusnukke, lapsi
    Heat Resistant Rescue Manikin, Child

    The doll is especially designed for emergency services at smokediving when there is a possibility to practice searching for a missing children in a fire. Searchinf for a child means a considerably more complicated work when children have a tendency to hide under beds, in closets when they get scared. 


    SKU: 15-9183L
  3. Ylipainoinen pelastusnukke
    Heat Resistant Rescue Manikin, Overweight

    The doll has a very wide range of applications, it is used today by Rescue Service, the Police, the Armed Forces, the Prison and in the care and county, wherever there's a need to be able to practice with realistic features and weights. The models are tested for over 450 degrees in very harsh environment during the time from 2009 to 2013 with very good results!


    SKU: ER15-9171
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