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Medix Biochemica

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  1. Actim Combi Hemoglobin Transferrin
    Actim Combi Hemoglobin Transferrin, 20 testiä

    Actim Combi Hemoglobin Transferrin on helppokäyttöinen, kotimainen pikatesti, joka havaitsee verenvuodon koko ruoansulatuskanavan alueelta. Testi tunnistaa spesifisesti kaksi ulosteessa piilevän veren analyyttiä: hemoglobiinin ja transferriinin. Actim Combi Hemoglobin Transferrin -testi on erittäin käyttäjäystävällinen ja hygieeninen sekä potilaille että terveydenhuollon ammattilaisille.

    SKU: MK_30322ETAC
  2. Actim Pancreatitis - Haimatulehdus pikatesti
    Actim Pancreatitis test

    Actim Pancreatitis rapid test is a modern way of screening acute pancreatitis - quickly and reliably. Our unique biomarker trypsinogen-2 is the most accurate analyte available for both detecting and ruling out acute pancreatitis.

    SKU: 32731ETAC
  3. Actim Influenza A&B
    Actim Influenza A&B rapid test - 20 tests

    The rapid diagnosis of influenza is essential for managing the disease. Easy-to-use Actim Influenza A&B rapid dipstick test differentiates between influenza type A and B virus antigens in respiratory samples in just 10 minutes.

    SKU: 32836ETAC
  4. Actim Partus -  Pikatesti ennenaikaisen synnytyksen riskin arviointiin
    Actim Partus - Determine the risk of preterm delivery

    Preterm delivery is a serious pregnancy complication that can have devastating consequences.
    Altough half of the pregnant women experience preterm contractions, only 20 % of them actually deliver preterm.
    Actim Partus rapid test is a fast and simple bedside test for identifying patients with a risk of preterm delivery.

    SKU: 31931ETAC
  5. Actim CRP - pikatesti
    Actim CRP rapid test - 20 tests

    CRP measurement combined with careful clinical assessment is a valuable tool for estimating whether a bacterial or viral infection is present. Actim CRP rapid test helps you reach the right conclusions on the spot.

    SKU: 31031ETAC
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