Product categories: Medical Devices, Infusion, Braun

Braun Infusomat Space Infusion Pump

Product code: MK_8713050

Braun Infusomat Space Infusion Pump

  • Description
  • Clear structured display, excellent readability

    The display guarantees brilliant and therefore fast readability, even from a distance, for instance from the foot of the patient's bed. The display of all information is subject to a clear prioritization of the most important information.

    Technical details:

    - Automatic speed calculation

    - Dosage calculation:
        - the system calculates speed in ml/h based of the concentration of medicine and the desired dosage speed (for example ml/kg/min)

    - Medicine library:
        - up to 720 medicine titles, treatment data, can be sdaved to 15 categories
        - drug-specific upper and lower limits and default values can be pre-configured

    - User interface:
        - easy and safe to use

    - Safety:
        - integrated safety mechanism prevents free flow when chancing syringes
        - automatic push mechanism is easy and safe to use
        - when pressure alarm is triggered the pump automatically discharges over-pressure from the tubing
        - datalock on 3 safety levels, datalock 3 also with drug specific hints
        - alarms are indicated by LED and sound and are also shown in the display
        - drug-specific alarms can be pre-configured

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