Braun Perfusor Space syringe pump

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The syringe pump Perfusor Space is one of the basic building blocks of the Space system.

Small, light, handy pumps. Thanks to their minimal design and light weight, Space pumps can be used to configure customized, tailor-made solutions as individual pumps, small therapy units, or a complex infusion system.

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Clear structured display, excellent readability

The display guarantees brilliant and therefore fast readability, even from a distance, for instance from the foot of the patient's bed. The display of all information is subject to a clear prioritization of the most important information.

Technical details:

- Automatic speed calculation

- Dosage calculation:
    - the system calculates speed in ml/h based of the concentration of medicine and the desired dosage speed (for example ml/kg/min)

- Medicine library:
    - up to 720 medicine titles, treatment data, can be sdaved to 15 categories
    - drug-specific upper and lower limits and default values can be pre-configured

- User interface:
    - easy and safe to use

- Safety:
    - integrated safety mechanism prevents free flow when chancing syringes
    - automatic push mechanism is easy and safe to use
    - when pressure alarm is triggered the pump automatically discharges over-pressure from the tubing
    - datalock on 3 safety levels, datalock 3 also with drug specific hints
    - alarms are indicated by LED and sound and are also shown in the display
    - drug-specific alarms can be pre-configured

REF: 8713 030

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