Broselow Tape

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Broselow Tape

  • Description
  • A reference at each color bar on the tape informs you of equipment sizes to perform emergency resuscitation on the child. A reference at each weight zone on the tape shows pre-calculated medication dosages and infusion rates.

    - The latest Broselow tapes have been much expanded to include more information
    - Helps to determine drug dosages for seizure ICP, Overdose, Resuscitation & Defibrillation
    - Incorporates Glasgow Coma Scale & Paediatric Trauma Scoring
    - Lists infusions, fluids and paralysing agents
    - Colour zones list recommended equipment and suggested sizes
    - Rapidly estimates weight based upon height

    Color       Estimated Weight 

    Grey         3-5 kg
    Pink          6-7 kg
    Red          8-9 kg
    Purple     10-11 kg
    Yellow     12-14 kg
    White      15-18 kg
    Blue        19-23 kg
    Orange   24-29 kg
    Green     30-36 kg


    REF: BR003

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