BurnShield Burns Dressing 60 cm x 40 cm

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Burn Shield, when applied to burn wounds, preferably as soon as possible after the burn, has the tremendous ability to absorb and dissipate heat, providing relief, minimising shock and skin damage, halting the burn process and physically protects against further contamination. Burn Shield’s specially formulated Hydrogel, which is non-toxic and non-irritant, provides a cooling and soothing effect that with a single application, is an effective first aid measure in the acute burn.


Burns and scalds, protection against infection. Minimises trauma and skin damage. Pain relief. Promotes healing, moistens, cools and soothes. Non-adherent, non-toxic.

- Simple to apply and remove
- Individually packaged Provides instant cooling and relief
- Protects from infection
- Ideal for pre-hospital burn care
- Safe for use on children
- Open cell flexible foam
- Water (96%)
- Non-toxic
- Melaleuca Alt. (Tea Tree) (4%)
- Gelling agent
- Sterilised by gamma irradiation
- Open cell poly-foam
- Non-adherent and Non-irritant
- ISO 9001 EN 46001 CE accredited

For immediate use on burns and scalds, Burn Shield blankets' and dressings' features are:

- Sterile - bacteria static
- Suitable for use on most burns and scalds
- Non-toxic
- Non-irritant
- Cools and moistens the burn area
- Physical protection against contamination
- Minimises skin damage
- Inhibits the burn's progression
- Non-adherent and easy to remove
- Covered in water soluble gel
- Elastic and able to stretch and flex
- Versatile and innovative
- Portable
- An effective after-sun care in the form of Solace
- Stable gel structure

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