Cederroth Burn Cover 10 pcs

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Cederroth Burn Cover -palovammalaastari

  • Cederroth Burn Cover 10 pcs
  • Cederroth Burn Cover -palovammalaastari
  • Description
  • NEW! Plaster for burns. Fits in the First Aid station

    Cederroth Burn Cover protects and relieves the pain caused by minor burns. The cushion is a cool hydrogel that covers the nerve endings of the skin, helping to relieve pain. It also creates a moist environment that prevents scabs from forming and promotes faster healing. The cushion does not attach to the wound. Burn Cover can also be used for minor cuts and grazes.

    Cederroth Burn Cover is blue, which is easier to see. This makes it suitable to use when handling food.

    Product advantages

    • Relieves pain
    • Promotes faster healing
    • Does not attach to wound

    Directions for use:

    • Cool the burn for at least 20 minutes using, for example, Cederroth Burn Gel or  rinse with lukewarm water prior to applying the Burn Cover
    • Do not use on large or severe burns or wounds that are infected or bleeding
    • Change the plaster and clean the wound daily
    • If the plaster dries out, you need to wet it before removing it
    • Seek medical advice if any complications develop

    Each box contains 10 sterile plasters (74 x 45 mm)
    The cushion is a water-based hydrogel.

    This box can be used in Cederroth’s First Aid Stations.

    Product code: 901903

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