Celox Rapid Z-Fold Gauze

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Celox Rapid Z-Fold is the fastest acting Haemostatic Gauze treatment. It works with just 60 seconds compression. Rapid action reduces blood loss.

The current generation of haemostatic agents need at least 3 minutes of compression to work. Celox Rapid Gauze removes the delay by speeding up packing time and reducing compression time to just 60 seconds while using the proven haemsotat technology of Celox.

Independent testing on Celox Rapid has shown the product works on lethal injuries and significantly reduces blood loss. As well as reducing treatment time and blood loss, a model of tactical evacuation showed that the Celox Rapid Gauze stayed in place during transport with no re-bleeding.

Celox Rapid contains Chito-R activated chitosan granules that stick to wet tissue in the wound. Chito-R is bonded to a high density gauze that packs faster than traditional gauze.

- Chito-R forms an adhesive gel that seals the wound to stop the flow of blood, speeding up compression time
- Celox Rapid absorbs blood fluid, swells and forms a gel
- Works on hypothermic blood
- No minerals, chitosan is made up of glucosamine and N-acetyl glucosamine.

NATO Stock Number: 6510-99-184-6453.

REF: MK_FG08839131

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