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Cirrus 2 Nebuliser with EcoLite Mask Kit, Children, 36 pcs/box

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Product code: INE1454015

Cirrus 2 nebulisaattori EcoLife -maskisetillä, lasten

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  • Cirrus 2 nebuliser with EcoLite mask kit and 2,1 m tube. Paediatric. 36 pcs/box.

    Based on the well-established Cirrus nebuliser the Cirrus2 incorporates a number of improved features. These include a lower residual volume to reduce drug waste and a calibrated drug cup indicating how much drug is in the nebuliser.

    The utilisation of new materials and the latest manufacturing technology has resulted in the elimination of PVC from the mask shell resulting in a reduced environmental impact.

    REF: INE1454015

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