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  1. KIILTO KRAFT -puhdistusaine, 5 litran kanisteri
    KIILTO KRAFT - Strongly Alkaline Detergent, 5 l

    An effective degreasing concentrate for both manual and mechanical methods. Dissolves, emulsifies and removeslayers of fat and soot contaminants from grills and grease filters as well as from wall surfaces and floors.

    SKU: K63099
  2. KIILTO SUPERQUICK SPURT- Ready-to-use General Cleaner, 750ml spray bottle
    KIILTO SUPERQUICK SPURT- Ready-to-use General Cleaner, 750ml spray bottle

    Multi-purpose cleaner for all water-resistant surfaces, including polished and painted surfaces. Effectively removes greasy stains such as fingerprints. Good cleaning capability on steel, glass and mirrors.

    SKU: K410462
  3. KIILTO VIENO HAJUSTEETON yleispuhdistusaine, 1 litran muovipullo
    KIILTO VIENO - All Purpose Cleaner, 1 l

    For maintenance cleaning of all hard surfaces. For manual and machine methods. For washing and cleaning of polished and unpolished floors. For initial cleaning of new, unpolished plastic carpets. For basic cleaning of furniture. Also suitable for maintenance cleaning of sanitary facilities.

    SKU: K41080
  4. HETI Raspo Joutsen - rasvanpoistoaine
    HETI Raspo Joutsen - Degreasing agent 1 l

    HETI Raspo Joutsen - Effective remover of stubborn dirt for institutional kitchens, food departments, sanitary facilities and garages, among others. Suited for cleaning floors, machinery and tools.Efficiently removes grease, dirt containing albumin, soot, etc. Suited to high pressure wash, foam wash and manual methods

    SKU: B15736722
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