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  1. Kenkäsuoja, paksu, sininen, CPE -muovi, 100kpl/pss
    Kenkäsuoja, paksu, sininen, CPE -muovi, 100kpl/pss

    CPE -muovista valmistettu kertakäyttöinen kengänsuoja kenkien suojaamiseen paikoissa, joissa tahdotaan ylläpitää korkeaa hygieniatasoa. 

    SKU: MK_15029_PKT
  2. Solidifier 20 gr tube
    Solidifier 20 gr tube

    A solidifying agent meant for handling dangerous and infctious liquids.

    SKU: S57550
  3. KIILTO AIR FRESHENER - ilmanraikastaja, 200 ml tölkki
    Kiilto - Air Freshener 200ml
    Air Freshener is a non-staining dry spray. Quick and effective way of freshening indoor air and textiles.
    SKU: K65035
  4. Hygicult TPC
    Hygicult tests
    Hygicult contact slides are intended for rapid monitoring of microbiological hygiene and/or presumptive identification of microbes (total bacterial count, Enterobacteriaceae, yeasts, moulds and coliforms) on surfaces. The test can be performed on site, or the slides can be used as convenient transport media for samples.
    SKU: OR68010
  5. KIILTO ONE SYSTEM BASIC, 120 kpl pakkaus
    KIILTO ONE SYSTEM BASIC, Cloth Package 120 wipes
    Single use wipe dispenser for filling with disinfectant. Contains 120 wipes.
    SKU: K8288
  6. Orion Clean Card PRO -testi
    Orion Clean Card PRO test, 25 test devices
    Orion Clean Card PRO is intended for monitoring the effect of cleaning processes on surfaces where protein contamination is possible. Orion Clean Card PRO helps you to ensure a high standard of hygiene.
    SKU: OR133148
  7. HETI Raikas
    HETI Raikas - Air freshener, 150 ml

    Effective air freshener binding and neutralizing unpleasant smells. To be used among others in sanitary facilities, locker rooms, hotel rooms, smoking areas, waste disposal rooms.

    SKU: BE26980
  8. Water-soluble Laundry Bags, 200 pcs / box
    Water-soluble Laundry Bags, 200 pcs / box

    Water-soluble laundry bag reduces risks of contamination. Contamined clothes are placed inside a laundry bag. Laundry bag can now be washed in your washing machine with all contents inside it. Water-soluble laundry bag has 200 bags in one pack.

    SKU: pps200
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