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  1. KIILTO KLORILLI -erikoisdesinfiointiaine, 5 litran kanisteri
    KIILTO KLORILLI - Special Disinfectant, 5 l

    Klorilli is a multipurpose liquid disinfectant containing chloramine and surfactant. The product is intended for cleaning and disinfection of medical devices and high risk areas in healthcare.

    Please note! Delivery for this product possible only to Finland.

    SKU: K8110
  2. Kiilto Erisan Des 3 liter
    KIILTO Erisan Des - Disinfectant 3l

    Cleaning and disinfecting of health care surfaces, as a washing disinfectant in ultrasonic washing machines, for bodyfluid stain disinfection.Disinfecting cleaning of non-invasive instruments and utensils (immersion). May also be used for pre-disinfection ofinvasive instruments, followed by washing and sterilization.Surface disinfection of dental care units and apparatus, and for instrument maintenance (including ultrasoniccleaning) in accordance with hygiene requirements.

    Use as 2-5 % dilution for immersion, surface disinfection and with ultrasonic baths.

    Kiilto Erisan Des has been tested for sensitive materials, such as aluminium, rubber and various types of plastics.

    SKU: K8127
  3. KIILTO Alu Deko -konepesuaine, 5 litraa
    KIILTO Alu Deko - Machine washing agent, 5 l

    Strongly alcaline liquid detergent for healthcare and laboratory use. Washing of instruments, utensils and laboratory apparatus.

    SKU: K80387
  4. KIILTO Hydragel -esikäsittelyaine, 750 ml
    KIILTO Hydragel - Pre-wash Agent, 750 ml

    The gel-like spray forms a microbe-proof film on the instrument surface. The effect lasts for 5 days. Hydragel is water-soluble and easy to rinse. Suitable for commonly used materials; not suitable for copper or brass.

    SKU: K8222
  5. KIILTO ERINOX erikoispesuaine, 5l kanisteri
    KIILTO ERINOX - Special Cleaner, 5 l
    A low foaming detergent for washing instruments and utensils manually and in ultrasonic baths.
    SKU: K8114
  6. KIILTO ERINOX erikoispesuaine, 1L muovipullo
    KIILTO ERINOX - Special Cleaner, 1L
    A low foaming detergent for washing instruments and utensils manually and in ultrasonic baths.
    SKU: K8113
  7. KIILTO STEEL Erikoispesuaine, 1L muovipullo
    KIILTO STEEL - Acidic Special Cleaner, 1 l

    A concentrate intended for cleaning of limescale deposits, stains of rust and oxide films from instrument washing machines and stainless steel instruments. Can be used in immersion baths (manually), in washer-disinfectors and in ultrasound washers.

    SKU: K8224
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