CoaguChek XS PT-Test Strips, 24 pcs / box

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CoaguChek XS PT-test strips are used in CoaguChek® XS INR-meter.


The test strips are easy to handle and apply blood to, making it easy to get your results rapidly. You can apply the blood sample to the strip either from the top or from the left or right sides, depending on which you find most convenient. Delivery is usually within 3-5 working days. Please allow this time before making enquiries.

Additional information:

* Excellent shelf life in room temperature

* Includes test strip detailed functionality of the tab control

* Sample size < 8 µl whole blood

* Sample on test strip

* PT- reagents ISI = 1.0

* Excellent frequency of the treatment area, CV = 3.9 %

* Heparin does not significantly interfere with INR measurements, so also suitable for hospital patients who have received heparin.


CoaguChek XS INR-meter handling videos from here


1. Put a test strip in the CoaguChek XS

2.Prick your finger with the Roche Softclix lancing device

3. ..Place a drop of blood on the strip

4. After about one minute, read the result on the CoaguChek XS display


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