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CONTOUR NEXT ONE blood glucose meter

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CONTOUR NEXT ONE blood glucose meter

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  • CONTOUR NEXT ONE enables new way to control diabetest. Meter works wirelessly with your phone with Bluetooth technology and with application you can easily keep track on your work.

    More information CONTOUR NEXT ONE –meter and CONTOUR Diabetes –application you can find here osoitteessa

    CONTOUR NEXT ONE gives new opportunity for more easier way to help doctor keep track. With application you can send measurement to doctor.

    Meter saves 800 results on memory and transfers them automatically to your phone when both are in Bluetooth reach even when you forgot your phone to your home the measurement are saved and transfers to your phone when they are in reach.

    With CONTURE NEXT ONE meter you get more accurate mesurements. CONTOUR NEXT ONE measurements accuracy is  ±0,47 mmol/L or ±8,4 % with all blood glucose levels, you can add more blood every 60 seconds if first sample was too small.

    In application can be added photos voice ands comments wich help keep track on blood glucose. Application also warns when blood glucose is too high or low.

    Starter kit includes: meter , 5 measurespoons, Microlet Next -lancing device, 5 color lancet, manual, batteries and storage case.

    Device works with batteries (two 3 volts CR2032- or DL2032-coin-cell battery)

    Measurements can be transferred from meter to computer wtih USB-A/micro-USB-B cable. With computer, measurements can be assembled charts. For charts you need application on your computer. GLUCOFACTS® DELUXE -diabetes application, can be downloaded from here

    Product code: MK_84664618

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