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Cool-X Cold Spray, 175 ml

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Product code: C1020

Cool-X Jääspray

  • Description
  • Cool-X Cold Spray is a short-acting cold therapy for the first aid of muscles and joints.  Quick help for the treatment of soft tissue injuries, such as strains, sprains and pulls.  The cold spray effectively alleviates pain and reduces swelling.

    How to use: Spray the cold spray onto the area for treatment from a distance of about 15 cm for 2-5 seconds. Repeat the treatment a few times, if necessary.  Avoid contact with eyes, wounds or mucous membranes. Rinse with plenty of water, if this happens. A cold pack should be used for further treatment of the chilled area.

    Also try Cool-X Cold Spray on:

    • To alleviate heat from light burns and stop the continued burning in the tissue

    Package size: 175 ml

    Ingredients: Ethanole, Menthol


    Product code: C1020

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