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Common misconceptions about valved face masks explained.

Here you can find all of our face masks we offer. Face Masks includes all surgical masks and respirators under the same category. 

We have valved & unvalved face masks from brands like 3M, GVS and JSP. 3M also offers surgical face masks. 

Face Mask Protection level chart (% Filter Capacity, filters x% of all particles)
FFP1 = 80% (Not Recommended)
FFP2 = 94% (Recommended)
FFP3 = 100% (Recommended)

FFP (filtering face piece) -score is European equivalent for N -scores. 

To simplify:
FFP2 = N95
FFP3 = N100

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  1. Safety Vizor, standardized, EU -certificate
    Safety Vizor, standardized, EU -certificate
    Safety Vizor with big, clear lense to give you more protection against splashes.
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