corpuls c3 modular defibrillator/monitor

Product code: CORPULS3


  • corpuls3
  • corpuls3 monitoriyksikkö
  • corpuls3 monitoriyksikkö
  • corpuls3 monitoriyksikkö
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  • corpuls3 potilasyksikkö
  • corpuls3 potilasyksikkö
  • corpuls3 defibrillaattori/tahdistin
  • Description
  • The corpuls3 offers an entirely new and revolutionary design-concept compared with traditional compact defibrillator/monitoring devices. The defibrillator/pacermodule SLIM reduces total weight to only 6.3 kg and enhances mobility and ergonomics.

    General specifications:
    - Intuitive and safe operation for extensive monitoring, diagnosis and therapy
    - Uninterrupted monitoring of critical patients in the emergency room, during transport within the hospital, during medical examinations (e.g. CT) and in the ICU
    - 12-lead ECG with measurement, interpretation support and large printer for reliable diagnosis
    - Internal shock spoons in three different sizes 46,6 cm2, 18,25 cm2, 11 cm2
    - Extremely high dust and splash protection in accordance with IP55
    - Reliable operation at temperatures ranging from -20 °C to +55 °C (basic functions: ECG monitoring, defibrillation)
    - Fulfillment of the standard MIL STD 810 G (US military standard)
    - Fulfillment of the valid internationally standard RTCA DO 160 G (Airborne Equipment)(RTCA DO 160 G)
    - Use in conjunction with night vision goggles possible (NVG mode)


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