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Cuticell Classic Paraffin Gauze Dressing

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Product code: BSN72538-00

Cuticell Classic, rasvataitos

  • Cuticell Classic - rasvasidos
  • Cuticell Classic - rasvasidos
  • Description
  • Cuticell Classic is a low-adherent wound contact layer made of open weave cotton gauze impregnated with soft paraffin – to facilitate dressing change and to support a moist environment for the wound.

    Features & benefits

    -Low-adherent and soothing
    -Faciliates dressing change
    -Supports a moist environment
    -Permeable to air and exudate
    -Also available in handy dispenser box for economical treatment


    For exuding wounds such as

    -First and second-degree burns
    -Lacerations and abrasions
    -Leg ulcers
    -Donor and recipient skin graft sites

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