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Delta-Xpress Splinting System, Lower Leg

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21.00 Incl. Tax 26.04


  • Delta-Xpress lastoitusjärjestelmä, Alaraajalasta
  • Delta-Xpress lastoitusjärjestelmä, Alaraajalasta
  • Description
  • Delta-Xpress - Gear up to High Speed Immobilization

    Delta-Xpress is a groundbreaking new splinting system that allows you to immobilize limbs within a fraction of the time needed compared to conventional splints or casts. The prefabricated design is intuitive to use and cuts out many time-consuming steps while still providing a secure and strong immobilization.

    Lower leg immobilizer

    - Pre-adjusted 90° angle for ideal healing position of lower leg, ankle and foot
    - Rest inlay for optimal foot position
    - Malleoli paddings for increased comfort




    Time saver – the fastest immobilization ever

    - Prefabricated design allows instant application
    - No activation, no curing, no clean-up
    - Instructions and icons on product support quick and correct application

    Application – almost as easy as a plaster strip

    - Product comes ready-to-apply
    - Fixation with bandage or hook & loop-straps (recommended to be used with cohesive bandage)
    - No need for water activation or even working space
    - Easy and secured application guaranteed

    Immobilization – safe and strong

    - Rigid compound material
    - Pre-defined angles keep limb in optimal healing position
    - Good conformability for individual fit

    Introducing Four New Xpress-Immobilization Tools

    Delta-Xpress offers four different designs to immobilize lower leg, arm, hand and wrist fractures. In addition to ultra quick application, ease of handling and secure immobilization, these unique products provide various additional benefits:

    - Cushioned padding inside for comfort and absorption
    - Breathability to help avoid skin macerations
    - Customizable with standard scissors Easy access to wounds
    - Splints come in two or three sizes with convenient measuring scale and color code on product
    - 100% radiolucency
    - Recycable 

    Indications where Delta-Xpress can be used:

    - Post-traumatic emergency immobilization/stabilization
    - Primary care of soft tissue injuries
    - Post-operative immobilization/ stabilization
    - Temporary immobilization/stabilization during X-ray examination
    - Temporary immobilization/ stabilization before applying a long-term splint or cast

    Benefits at a Glance

    - Fast, easy and secure application
    - Functional position
    - Helps to reduce pain
    - Latex-free formula
    - Breathable
    - 100% radiolucency
    - Ultra light-weight design
    - Minimal storage space


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    Size M: 7271101
    Size L: 7271102

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