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  1. Mesorb Wound Dressing 10 x 13 cm
    Mesorb Wound Dressing 10 x 13 cm
    Mesorb is a soft highly absorbent dressing that can retain large amounts of wound fluids. The fluid-repellent strike-through backing barrier helps preventing wound fluids to soil clothing and bed linen.
    SKU: ME677001_1
  2. Mepilex Lite ohut vaahtosidos
    Mepilex Lite thin foam dressing

    Mepilex Lite

    foam dressing is designed to help you manage low-exuding acute and chronic wounds. The thin profile is soft and conformable to make it easier to use for difficult-to-dress areas of the body. And you can easily cut it to size.

    SKU: M284000
  3. 3M Tegaderm Foam vaahtolevysidos liimautuva
    3M Tegaderm Foam adhesive dressing, different sizes

    An adhesive foam dressing that effectively handles low to high exudating wounds. Innovative layer technology absorbs and evaporates moisture to maintain an optimal wound healing environment

    SKU: 3M90610
  4. 3M Tegaderm Foam Adhesive Dressing
    3M Tegaderm Foam Adhesive Dressing
    High breathability reduces the risk of maceration.. Maintains moisture balance and won't stick to wounds.
    SKU: 3M90605
  5. Salvequick Maxi Cover laastari haavatyynyllä
    Salvequick Maxi Cover -bandage with wound pad

    Cederroth Maxi Cover is a sterile quick bandage that is breathable. It is soft and flexible and fits securely as it has adhesive on all sides. For larger wounds e.g. surgical wounds and abrasions.

    SKU: C658024
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