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Dräger NovaStar TS NIV MK/SE- Full-Face Mask

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Product code: MP01579
99.90 Incl. Tax 123.88

NovaStar TS NIV -kokonaamari

  • NovaStar TS NIV -kokonaamari
  • NovaStar TS NIV -kokonaamari
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  • NovaStar® TS NIV full-face mask with Standard Elbow

    NovaStar thermostable (TS) NIV full-face mask is designed for non-invasive ventilation therapy. Because the mask covers the nose and mouth, it provides effective therapy, even in case of mouth breathing. According to the re-processing methods the NovaStar TS NIV full-face masks are for multi-patient use. They can be thermally disinfected with hot steam at a given temperature or chemically disinfected with the specific disinfections.

    The Dräger Sizing Gauge helps you to choose the right mask size - there is no need to open the mask package.

    – NovaStar TS NIV masks are the first full-face masks (covering mouth and nose) by Dräger with a very soft silicone-gel filled mask cushion in institutional/hospital use.

    – The pliable ring embedded inside the flexible, clear mask body allows the mask to be bent and adjusted individually to the patient's face ("customized fit"). This customized fit minimizes leakage and maximizes comfort.

    – The thumb wheel enables a gradual adaptation of the forehead support in order to find the most comfortable position for your patient.

    – The forehead pad stabilizes the mask; it has a soft silicone-gel cushion and bends to match the patient’s forehead curve.

    – The magnetic clips provide an easy and safe fastening of NovaStar TS NIV full-face masks. In case of emergency, the self-aligning magnetic clips can be opened fast or closed securely.

    – The 4-point headgear with two Velcro® and two magnetic clips are suitable for all sizes within the SE or AAV lines.

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    NovaStar SE

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