Tiedätkö jo mitä etsit? Hyödynnä kattavaa hakutoimintoamme.


1. Who are your typical customers?

Our typical customers include large scale industries, health care organisations, rescue departments, police departments, fire brigades and ambulance services.

2. Can individuals, companies and sport organisations purchase from you?

Absolutely. Individuals purchase among other things thermometers and first aid kits. Companies purchase typically first aid kits and bags by Cederroth. Concerning sports organisatios we can offer a more spesific concept, please feel free to contact us.

3. Can you order goods from the webshop without registering?

Absolutely, no registering is needed in the webshop. You can also place your order by phone and e-mail.

4. There are prices including taxes and excluding taxes in the webshop. Why is this?

Some of our customers need prices including taxes while others need them excluding taxes

5. Where do you get the products from?

Our business idea is to serve as a stock for first aid products. We purchase products from Finland, the EU and outside of EU. Our job includes importing products to Finland, storing and logistics management. We figure out the ideal shipping route for each product.

6. How many products do you have in your product range?

We have approximately 1800 products in the webshop and approximately 2000 products all together. Please feel free to ask more via e-mail info(at)medkit.fi or telephone. (business hours 8:00 - 16:00) +358 44 3030112

7. Do you have a full product catalogue?

So far we don't have a full catalogue. This is due to many things: the prices of products may vary depending on currency exchange rates, we have new kinds of products coming to our shop and also some products are going out of production.

8. What does it mean when my order is in "processing" status?

We have received your order but not yet delivered it forward. We usually deliver products within 7 working days.